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Construction of a new primary school in Kamsar

Construction of a new primary school in Kamsar

The current project “Building a new school in Kamsar - Republic of Guinea” draws attention to a fundamental problem in the African society. The state of Guinea doesn't  fulfill its tasks in education, i.e. the failure to ensure schooling for all children.

  • The rate of enrollment in primary school - École primaire - is around 50% and in a secondary school - École secondaire - only 10%.
  • The illiteracy rate in the general population is still more than 56%.

We therefore see our task in improving children's educational opportunities. Only by having a perspective in the country one can succeed in preventing people from wanting to leave their country in order to flee to Europe and build a future there. We want to help the Guineans to help themselves.


With the inclusion of a bakery and a kitchen, we will offer  children an opportunity for affordable food. We want to provide labour and  apprenticeship positions and we will finance the operation of the school with sales proceeds.