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About us

We - are a registered non-profit association.

We - are above all a group of people from Berlin and Brandenburg with lots of ideas and a big heart for Africa.


It was the professional contacts of the founding fathers, Mohamed Lamine "Joselito" Touré and Carsten Riedel, to West Africa that directed our gaze to another world. A continent with many contrasts and many problems. Africa as the cradle of mankind and often so foreign to the people here. And a continent with people in the daily struggle for survival and the search for hope and the future.


Our association is dedicated to helping these people. To give the people a little hope and to support them to master their life in their country. We see this as our responsibility as Europeans - as people who were born in a different world, a seemingly "better" world.


The association only provides help for self-help. People should be encouraged to fight for their future and not seek their salvation in escape. We want to bring this continent a little closer to our fellows. Establishing contacts between peoples and promoting mutual understanding and appreciation.


So much to do - let's get started.


thank you for your help