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Support for the Madina Borboff primary school in Kamsar - Guinea

Our trip to Guinea in March / April 2016 also took us to the primary school in Kamsar. We were able to use the opportunity to get an real picture of conditions and equipment of the school.


These impressions touched us deeply. This was reinforced by our children's  reactions who attend modern elementary and comprehensive schools in Berlin and Potsdam.


The following key points can be summarized.

  • Dilapidated building with 6 rooms for 486 students
  • School classes with 60 to 90 students
  • First graders write on slate boards
  • School desks in dire condition and insufficient for all students
  • two toilets for all students and teachers
  • School hours from 8:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • no supply of food or beverages

We spontaneously decided to support the school. We would like to improve at least a small part of the conditions in order to make learning and teaching more bearable for everyone. The project plans to provide sufficient funds for new benches and tables. To this end, local carpenters are going to be involved, which also makes a small contribution to supporting the craft onsite.


This project is going to be financed by donations. And donors can be sure this will put a smile on the children's faces  in Kamsar.